Patrik shows his Gangnam Style moves!

Ohh yesss.. I’m so not late. *insert sarcasm*

The Gangnam Style fever is not categorically over as the music video just surpassed Justin Bieber’s Baby MV on YouTube.

PSY’s Oppa Gangnam Style official music video is already at the 920,000,000 hits mark this December. And in celebration of that feat, I’m releasing this never-before-seen video of me dancing to this crazy hit. Reasons haha! Thanks to the fabulous iOS app Gangnam Dancebooth for making this possible!

Watch the video here.

Would you like to see me dance it? I mean, you know.. the real me? Lemme know by liking this post or by commenting it below. If this post reaches 100 likes, kahit tapos na ang Gangnam Style “fever”, sasayawin ko to and I’ll have it recorded and posted right here! And that’s a DEAL. 🙂


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Jan - Patrik

Patrik is a 25 year old Certified Public Accountant working as an external auditor at a top audit firm in Makati, Philippines. He loves solo traveling, volleyball, Harry Potter and of course, blogging.

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