Ateneo CPA Convocation 2013

Super late post. I wrote this article last June but failed to publish this right away. So, hayaan nio na.  HAHAHA 😛

Hiatus mode is over. Your favorite not-so-straight blogger is back.. now with a three-letter longer name.

This is JAN – PATRIK B. LAROYA, CPA. (I’ve long wanted to post this. Finally, now I can! Haha)

As I write this, I still have a hangover from last night’s Ateneo CPA Convocation at F213 which was then continued at The Pinnacle Hotel. Not exaggerating or anything but, it is by far, THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE. (read: BEST). Since I was in second year college, I always look forward to watching my ates and kuyas in their Convocation and tell myself that one day, I will be the one to walk in that red carpet. True enough. Last night, June 15, 2013 was OUR Convocation as new CPAs. And as I walked with my girl escort (oh yes a girl, sheeeshh :P) everything is just surreal.

How happy I was and how the event went? Let the pictures do the talking. *wink*

I arrived at Coiff It Up Salon Center at around 4pm then went straight to Ateneo Jacinto Campus and heard the 5:00pm Thanksgiving Mass. At around 6:30pm, the program started.


While delivering my short message. Thanks to Jowe Posadas of Ateneo Samahan Creative Team for this nice shot! I love it! 🙂


Watch me at 2:44. Haha Thank you ADDU Samahan Creative Team!

 To everyone asking me, I can’t disclose the name of the reviewer who said that quote. Bawal daw kasi baka masira image niya. Haha Clue: Love ko siya. HAHAHA


With the very gorgeous Ateneo’s AOG representative Janine Mamuad. Image credit: Chie Masiga





The May 2013 CPA Board Exam 1st Placer Richard Baguio Saavedra with his first lady ate Dottie, a fellow CPA.


Everyone in standing ovation as Richard entered. Parang kasalan lang. :))









Being friends with many undergrad students doesn’t always work on my part. This is proof. Haha. Host Nyce Orcena picked me to give a brief advice to undergrad students about board exam preparations.. and forgive me, I wasn’t at my usual self that night. So the result? Jumbled thoughts. Haha Good thing everyone seemed so busy with the picture taking. I hope no one took notice of my senseless thoughts. 🙂


Image credit: Chie Masiga


Medyo tanga face, I know. Haha

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It feels so good to just be sitting here in front of the laptop and reminisce everything that has happened.

And there are people I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation for all their efforts and support.

May 2013 CPA Board Exam Passers with the Accountacy Program Professors



1. To Sir Pol Medina, CPA, MSA (Accountancy Program Director)


Image credit: Ben Traje


The lovely gown of the not-so-lovely Py Truzan (Hahaha) with THE Sir Pol Medina, and the heiress to Py’s crown.. Alexis Alberto. Haha

I wasn’t the best student in our class during my undergrad years, in fact, there were several times I almost failed to continue in the Accountancy program. Sir, I wouldn’t reach this far without all your help. Thank you for your patience with our section. Some take your words negatively but I see them as constructive criticisms. Some scrutinize you for being strict when it comes to implementing standards, pero ako, I’ve always used that both as a challenge and a motivation to do better. WALAY CHAR SIR 🙂 For all the patience, support and trust that we can do it.. THANK YOU THANK YOU SIR! 🙂

2. To Atty. Janet Fabrero (Business Law professor and Chief Prosecutor of Panabo City)

I love Atty. Fabrero cos I’ve never encountered a teacher as brilliant, as competent, as motherly, as caring and as sincere as her. In fact, I agreed in an instant when Mam Fabrero asked me to write for Sun Star Davao, an article about our Consumer Awareness Symposium as part of our BL class project, 🙂 We usually call her Mam Fab for being so posh, fashionable and fabulous in the way that she carries herself. In fact, my friends and I always wonder whether there was ever a time she used the same outfit in class twice. Haha. Hi Mam Fab, honestly.. I’ve always loathed Business Law when I was in third year college first semester. But I learned to love the subject in the second semester when you became our teacher. And again, I say.. WALAY CHAR MAM. 🙂 THANK YOU MAM! 🙂

3. To Mam Rhea Morales, CPA (Financial Accounting professor)


Image credit: Chie Masiga

For the record, I was never under any of her classes. (HER jud na mami ha! haha) But many wonder why I became so close with her.  I’m not really a good performer in my academics during my undergrad years and most often than not, I always end up at the bottom portion in our batch. Every semester end, my friends and I troop to SBG office to check if we’ll be able to proceed in our course or not. And it’s always mam Rhea who listens to our thoughts, concerns and other.. as she always says..  MILLET. Haha. Hi mamiii! Thank you for the friendship and for always being there… at the SBG office listening to our concerns. Hehe. THANKS MAMIII! 🙂

4. To Dr. Lenore Loqueloque (Management Accounting Program Director)

Hi mam. I know I promised you way back third year college na I’ll top our board exams. Unfortunately, Richard Saavedra was also aiming for the top 1. Siyempre pamati man ko, I don’t want to be in second, not even in third or even fourth place. So katooo, I gave to Richard nalang my dream. Haha. Anyway, thanks for all the help mam maski unsa kaigang ang atong room sa Canisius before and unsa ka bright (charot haha) ang BSA 3C sa Advanced Accounting class. Sige lang mam, love bitaw ka namo as a teacher. Hehe. THANK YOU MAM! 🙂

5. To Dr. Jenner Chan (Matteo Ricci Mandarin Orientation Program Director huuuu)

Many wonder why sir Jenner and I became so close. Well you know, if you have something in common, everything else follows. Haha! Our friendship already goes beyond the usual teacher-student connection. We can talk about a lot of things like volleyball, politics, crushes.. crushes and crushes in school. Hahaha Hi Sir OA noh? Haha But I think my Ateneo college life wouldn’t have been as fun as it was without you both as a teacher and as a friend. Maka sad lang na karun pa ka nagka Matteo Ricci office, naa na unta koy matambayan before pa lang. Haha THANK YOU SIR! 🙂

To my Facebook friend THE Larry Tan for teaching me the basics of Capital Budgeting thru Facebook Chat and for all the time you gave me sir. To sir James Bernal for making me love Auditing Theory. To ate Anne Corrales for lending me her MAS Reviewer and RESA review materials. To Kath Galope for lending me her CPAR preboard exams and Auditing Problems Reviewer. To ate Leigh Anne Grandeza for lending me her PRTC review materials. To our PRTC Davao Reviewers sir Ocampo, sir Macmod, sir De Leon, sir Valdez, sir Ong and sir Bobadilla for their relentless support.

I share this success to my professors, reviewers, friends, family and of course to God.



With my girlfie who is now already taken by my former crush. Hahaha Image credit: Ben Traje




Until the end, magkatabi pa rin tayo Chie. Haha



There were times I doubted myself if I can pass the board exams, especially when I got conditioned for three subjects in the October exams. But I think it takes a lot of patience, hard work and prayers to conquer what you must face.

To others who will still take the board exams in the future.. believe in yourself and claim it!! And promise.. mas masarap lumandi pag CPA na! hahaha! 😀

I’ll end this post by saying.. DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE!! 🙂

Image credit: SAMAHAN Creative Team, Ben Traje and my friends. Hirap nio isa-isahin hahaha!

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