Graduation Day has finally arrived!

Let me start this post by saying..


The Ateneo de Davao University held its Commencement Exercises for batch 2012 last March 24, 2012 at the Father Martinez Sports Complex, AdDU Matina Campus. I’m pretty sure most of us have experienced graduating from elementary and high school (lisod sad kung wala 🙂 ), but as other people put it: college graduation is an entirely different experience. The feeling of it, being the ultimate conclusion of your entire academic journey, is a combination of overwhelming happiness and of course, sadness. And yes.. my long awaited college graduation has finally arrived.

And because of extreme happiness, I joined the bandwagon of graduating Ateneo students using their toga pics as their profile picture on Facebook. LOL

Oooppss. I do not intend to make this post as melodramatic as you guys were probably expecting.. I’m reserving my next post for that. 🙂 Anyway, I’ll be showcasing highlights of my graduation day in this post, including some pics during the Baccalaureate Mass and Hooding Ceremony which transpired a day before the actual graduation ceremony.

Here’s a timeline I made for my graduation.

Woke up at 5am. And my father took this paparazzi shot.

Sorry for the poor quality of the following four photos. A mobile phone camera was used. hehe

At 6:00am. Last picture before heading off to AdDU Matina Campus.

Here’s my grandma placing that flower thing on my toga. Funny thing is, I”m not supposed to put anything like that prior to actual graduation ceremonies. Pagkatapos pa daw dapat nilalagay. I’m not really sure what’s true but as I have observed, walang ni isang studyante ang may flower sa kanilang toga. So yun, I removed it before marching haha.

(L-R) Thea, Queenie, Dimples and me

(L-R) Nina, Bang Bang and Alona

Yes, I didn’t wear my medals to give way to Alona. Kidding! She bagged both the Faith and Justice Award and Division Award.

With Ronna Dale Medillo.

With my graduation ceremony seatmate, Mae.

(L-R) Jeremiah, Marielois, Ronna, Chie, Me, Mae


Paparazzi-style shot.

With my beautiful friends, Cheng and Keziah.

With Queenie Galacio.

OO. Naningkamot jud mi masakto sa isa ka shot. HAHA

And the one below is for our class pictorial. Of course, this isn’t the official one. LOL

After class pictorial, my friends and I exchanged gifts. Yeah corny I know, but who cares. LOL

I’m not exactly sure what I was doing here. Haha!

Guess what I got?

A Starbucks tumbler! An addition to my collection of tumblers! Yayy! Thanks Ronah!

They’re one of my college barkadas. Love them!

With my college friend, Chie.

(L-R) Lena, Raf, me, Chie

While the others are busy, here were are busying ourselves with picture taking. 😀

At my friend, Jeremiah’s place for his graduation party.

So there. My college life has been memorable. They say that pictures say a thousand words. But the pictures above do not completely explain the extreme happiness and sadness I feel until now. Why? Because leaving college has good and not-so-good feelings attached to it.

But hep hep, as I said above.. I do not intend to make this a dramatic post. Reserve that for my next one. 🙂

And forgive me.. I just love saying this:



 Image credits: James Patrick Abarca, Chie Masiga, Jhanna Hermino,  Queenie Galacio, Eric Bonga, Nina Daele Cariaga, Alona Ruyeras, Ronna Medillo, Marielois Santiago, Dimples Brillantes and Keziah Tupaz.

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