Finally, I’m back from blogging hiatus!

I’ve been in the blogging world for quite some time now, I can still remember those good old days when I was really active in various blogging activities here in Davao.

Digital Filipino Event 2009 at the Grand Regal Hotel, Lanang, Davao City (Yes, I was kinda thin back then)

I stopped being active for a while back in second year when my acads (let’s call it Financial Accounting 1 with a major major 6 units!)  are rightfully demanding much of my time and attention, especially when my grades that time weren’t even at par with the grades of the laziest students in our class. Now that I have finally survived the “tanggalan” and managed to reach fourth year in my Accountancy course, I’m a bit more confident to become active in blogging again. Sayy whhuutt? 😉

But finally, today, I’m officially announcing.. I AM SOOO BACCKKK! 😆


Well, if you guys know me quite well, I own three mainstream blogs and four dummy blogs. I have BLUEPAD.ORG, the blog I created for AdDU students (Gossip Girl-inspired), BUNSOIMAGAZINE.COM, my pathetic online money making machine (please do me a favor and don’t hit the link, I said it’s pathetic. It’s only for money making purposes haha!) and of course this latest baby of mine, JANPATRIK.COM.


These past few days, I’ve been very busy updating my sites. BLUE PAD by the way will be undergoing a major revamp in the coming days. So for my Atenean friends who follow that blog, expect to see a new and improved BluePAD in preparation for the Halloween and second semester. 🙂

Bunsoi Magazine will not be undergoing a major renovation this year since I opt to make it more simple compared before. But in terms of content, I promised myself to update Bunsoi at least once a day, taking advantage of this break.

SEO Games

Yes! This is one thing I’ve missed joining in the blogging world. For the uninitiated, SEO means search engine optimization. SEO is a process of improving the visibility of one’s blog in the search engines like Google or Yahoo. Especially targetting on hitting the number one spot on frontpage since it gives you more traffic (or visits from users), which would in turn, give you more money. 🙂 Yes, that can be done either by BlackHat or White Hat techniques. But I won’t be delving in to that matter in this post.

Anyway, yes. I’ve been very busy seo-izing Bunsoi Magazine these past few days. As I have mentioned earlier, it’s the blog that let’s me fetch money from Western Union via Google Adsense every time I reach the payment threshold of USD100.

So that explains the reason why I’m very busy dealing with my Bunsoi blog, I NEED FUCKING MONEY! I’m really hoping my SEO powers are still intact especially when I’m currently seo-izing certain events like the Pacquiao vs Marquez III fight (which would surely rake in a few more dollars on my Google Adsense account), Miss International pageant ( if Miss Philipines Diance Necio makes it 😛 ) and of course, the much-awaited comeback of Pinoy Big Brother on television which never fails to give me a boost in my blog earnings.

And just so you know, Accountancy students in Ateneo de Davao will be having a mock board exam on November 5. Most of my batch mates are already preparing for it, while I’m just here, sitting in front of my laptop for the past few days. But that’s another story that deserves another blog post! 8)

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