#TeamPilipinas: Call for Unity and Support for PH Volleyball!

Patrik’s note: This is the first post of my #OneForTeamPilipinas blog post series. This article is merely an introduction to the series and covers primarily the Asian Under 23 tournament. Blog posts for each competition, with a blow-by-blow account, will be posted days before the actual start of the tournament. For updates, feel free to follow me on Twitter: @bunsoi

As the Ateneo Lady Eagles‘ highly celebrated coach Tai Bundit would have it, the players should “Think of the country first”. This is with regards to the current political chaos in the volleyball community on leadership dispute between the long-standing volleyball organization of the country – Philippine Volleyball Federation (PVF) and the newly-organized and Philippine Olympic Committee-recognized Larong Volleyball sa Pilipinas, Inc. (LVPI), with the latter having replaced the former as the country’s national sports association for volleyball after getting nod from both the Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC) and the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) early this year.


Credits to Leo Lopez

It’s high time to set aside political issues which long hindered the growth of the sport in the country  and instead, we should start working for the country’s comeback in the regional scene. I personally think it’s a shame that it has to come from a Thai national, can’t Filipinos (at least the volleyball fans) unite for the love of the sport and the country? Let’s set aside loyalty to certain rosters backed by a sports group and instead, focus our attention and loyalty for the flag and the country.

Please don’t get me wrong though why this post is only about volleyball. Well, there sure are a lot of other sports in the Sea Games, but I think it fits to highlight volleyball since this is our return to the prestigious biennial meet after a ten-year absence in the international volleyball arena. Continue Reading

Heart Stronger – A UAAP Season 77 Women’s Volleyball Wrap-Up

The UAAP Season 77 Women’s Volleyball Tournament has not closed the curtains just yet today, not until JANPATRIK.COM releases this annual blog post wrap-up. Char! Hahaha


Image credit: Gatorade PH Twitter Page

There is the saying that goes: “”Love is sweeter the second time around.” I couldn’t agree more as the back-to-back championship of the Ateneo de Manila Lady Eagles is indeed sweeter! Just a year ago, the Lady Eagles were struggling early on in the standings following the graduation of Philippine volleyball’s most celebrated players in the Fab Five’s Fille Cainglet, Jem Ferrer, A Nacachi, Dzi Gervacio and Gretchen Ho. But with Coach Tai Bundit at the helm of the squad and “heart strong” as the team’s battlecry, we saw the Lady Eagles succeed all the way to the top. Bring back season 76 memories in my post last year Heartstrong: A UAAP Season 76 Women’s Volleyball Wrap-Up!


Unlike the long and winding journey of the Katipunan squad in a seemingly Cinderella run last year, the Valdez-led Lady Eagles were pretty much in control of the entire season as I have documented in my Review: Ateneo Lady Eagles First Round. The ladies clearly showed dominance even at the start of the season showcasing a performance like well-oiled machines on the taraflex. As far as I know, they only dropped two sets against the UP Lady Maroons, two sets to the Adamson Lady Falcons, and three sets to the DLSU Lady Spikers.

Finishing the elimination round with a clean 14-0 card is such a feat and finishing off the entire season spotless and topping it all off with 25-22, 25-17 and 25-23 easy victory over the De La Salle Lady Spikers. While Ateneo is the second team to have swept the elimination rounds with a clean 14-0 card, next only to La Salle in Aby Marano’s last playing year, Ateneo is the only team to have swept the entire season with a 16-0 card! Continue Reading

ONE BIGger FIGHT – A UAAP Pre-Finals Post

In my previous January 11 post “Review: Ateneo Lady Eagles on UAAP First Round”, I started by writing the following:

“Is Ateneo well on its way towards getting its second crown? Is Ateneo, the new La Salle back in season 75 and 76 that commands intimidation against any opponent that it faces? Is the Lady Eagles really unstoppable this season?”

Little did I know that I’ll be writing this post a month after with Ateneo finishing the second round with an untarnished record, completing a historic 14-0 card elimination sweep this season! Time and again, the Queen Eagle Alyssa Valdez has proved why she’s the number one volleybelle in the country today with numerous awards up her sleeves (Season 75’s Best Scorer, 76’s Best Scorer, Best Server, League and Finals MVP) and more awards are looming for this Lady Eagle as UAAP Season 77 Women’s Volleyball Tournament second round come to a close in the coming days and Alyssa with her hands full of awards again. *crosses fingerS*

The Ateneo-La Salle game yesterday, in the usual hands-clasping, breath-stopper, is again one for the books. It’s actually a Finals-worthy game and pretty much shows us a preview of what we could expect come the Finals. As Boom said in the fifth set of the first Ateneo-La Salle meeting this season, this is the time where you’ll see the “Galangs and Valdezes of the world takeover”. And as I always say on my Facebook posts: at this point in time, you can not take away anything from Ara Galang and Alyssa Valdez as the two have clearly solidified their statures as premiere volleybeles the Philippine volleyball arena has ever witnessed. I think the more appropriate question that needs to be answered is who gets the better support system, which deserves another full-length blog post altogether.


Ateneo’s deep bench

Gone are the days when haters usually tout ADMU as Alyssa de Manila University, due to Alyssa being the carrier of much of the load during games. Thanks to her strong support system in the sophomores Michelle Morente, Kim Gequillana and steady setter Jia Morado who is a strong contender and currently leading in the Best Setter race this season. Also adding to Ateneo’s deep bench is super rookie Bea de Leon, who is also a strong contender for the Rookie of the Year award and first year player Jhoanna Maraguinot, who proved that she deserves the first-six starter slot with her clutch performance at the tail-end of the game where it mattered the most. Continue Reading

Review: Ateneo Lady Eagles on UAAP Season 77 1st Round

“Is Ateneo well on its way towards getting its second crown? Is Ateneo the new La Salle back in season 75 and 76 that commands intimidation against any opponent that it faces? Is the Lady Eagles really unstoppable this season?” Those are just some of the many questions by various people on Twitter as the Lady Eagles remain on top of the standings ending the first round of the UAAP Season 77 Women’s Volleyball Tournament with a 7-0 card.

Coming into this season, the Ateneo Lady Eagles already have one major advantage: championship experience. May or may not be as solid as UST’s 27 and FEU’s 19, it is no doubt that the Katipunan-based squad is the much favored team to win the crown this year. Spearheaded by my idol Alyssa Valdez, who just became more beast-like in her stellar performance in the previous games *whoever said she already peaked at S76 should seriously hide now*, Ateneo seems to be the team-to-beat this season and hopefully end this season with yet another title!


Credits to Jhona Mae Dela Cruz via the GetBlued Facebook Page. 18,489 official crowd count for a first round elimination ender!

Alyssa Valdez is ALYSSA VALDEZ. Enough said!

Ateneo’s game against UP is one for the books. The UP Lady Maroons gave the Lady Eagles their first two set losses for the season. Not to discredit the Tiamzon-led spikers, but the Lady Eagles’ off-game performance was also a major factor in that game. But I’m loving what I’ve been seeing on both defense and offense of UP. Should their performance continue to deliver like that, there will definitely be a major shake up in the team standings.

The game against UP saw consistency issues against the Lady Eagles especially Valdez who committed so many errors in that game. But she basically did a Kobe Bryant given that as human as she is, she delivered the much-needed and highly-important points at the fifth set of the match like a true clutch and veteran player. Of course, she wouldn’t be Season 76’s Best Scorer, Best Server, League MVP and Finals MVP for nothing bitches! She pretty much showed us why she is currently the most important volleybelle and Queen of Philippine Volleyball today! Continue Reading

Hilariously funny Potted Potter Manila 2014 experience!

You will not be able to read the rest of the content unless you say: *I, (state your name), SOLEMNLY SWEAR THAT I’M UP TO NO GOOD.* There, proceed. 🙂


For the third straight year, Potted Potter showcased its killer combination of magic, amazing expensive props 😛 ,  humor.. and yes, lots and lots of humor! And I heard, Philippines is the only country (outside of the U.K.) where Potted Potter was staged for three consecutive years! I think that pretty much says how much of a Harry Potter aficionado Filipinos are.

I’ve always wanted to watch this show back in 2012 and 2013, but time, money and proximity always get in the way and restrain me from watching. Now that I am working here, and thank God RCBC Plaza is just three blocks away from the office, I was able to finally witness the magical prowess and wit of popular US comedic duo Ben Stratton and James Percy!


With the hilariously funny comedic duo of Benj Stratton and James Percy!


For the uninitiated, Potted Potter is a parody stage play that condenses all seven Harry Potter books into seventy hilarious minutes. Well strictly not seventy, as the show ended at around 3:30pm. But who’s complaining? We were in for a really really great treat from the duo! It all started in 2005 when Olivier Award-nominated actors Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turners were asked to create a five-minute show to recap the first five Harry Potter stories, in front of fans waiting for the midnight release of the sixth installment Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The mini street show expanded into an hour-long performance and its fan base grew bigger and bigger as the years went by. Continue Reading

An Open Letter to the Straight People of the PH

*Patrik’s note: WordPress is kinda tricky these days. To my readers, please ignore the ugly paragraph structure as I’m currently working on it. Please bear with me as I overhaul this blog in the coming days. Thanks!*

I don’t intend to make this a long article, so allow me to emphasize my point right away:



I checked my Twitter last Thursday and noticed that #RespectFifth is a Trending Topic worldwide. For the uninitiated, Fifth Pagotan is a 22-year-old housemate of the hit ABS-CBN reality show Pinoy Big Brother. Apparently, Fifth admitted to Big Brother that he is a ‘bisexual’. It came as no surprise to me as I already noticed it the moment he entered the house at the start of the season. But given his ‘boy-next-door’ looks, his ‘coming out’ was something I never saw coming.. on national television at that!

Check out the video of his confession to ‘kuya’ below.

Out of curiosity, I checked what other people were saying about Fifth’s confession. There were the occasional “I’m so proud of you Fifth” and “I support you Fifth” from fellows and his fans. But to my surprise, I also noted some harsh comments from the all-encompassing, always-right-they-never-go-wrong, theyre-so-clean-like-they-drink-eight-glasses-of-casino-alcohol-everyday religious people. Some said:

1. They can ‘treat’ and ‘work’ on Fifth

2. Sayang si Fifth, nagpaka-bading!

2. Fifth needs to go back to the right path or he will be denied by God

3. What a shame, a good-looking guy turns out to be gay

My blood pressure level went up upon reading the remarks of some people.

While it is true that we are entitled to our own opinion, I believe it’s an entirely different scenario when one’s remarks lambast or mock other people. Continue Reading

Turning the world gay with Sebastian Castro



Calm yo tits, watching the video below wouldn’t make you gay. Unless, you really are and as Sebastian puts it.. “you just don’t know it yet.” Kidding. Haha


*Before I get bombarded with questions as to how and where to buy the book, lemme just clarify the book is for sale for one thousand USD and can be bought directly from me. Of course, I’m kidding. Haha I already asked Seb about it before and he clarified that no such book exists (at least on our knowledge) and that the book is a mere props for the music video. So wag na kayong umasang macoconvert nio mga crushes nio. Hahaha.

For the uninitiated, Sebastian Castro is a Peruvian-Japanese model and singer who became famous back in 2012 when he released his first ever music video Bubble which made it to the Trending Topics list on Twitter and even dominated Facebook for quite some time. Since this post is particularly about his new music video, you might want to back read my old post featuring Seb and his videos on his official YouTube Channel: Spotlight on Sebastian Castro.

On May 1st, he publicly announced on all his social media accounts the release of his latest music video “You’re Gay“. As expected, the video was an instant hit and made a buzz on social networking sites and even landed on Manila Trending Topics list on Twitter. Continue Reading