Party rockin’ at the Accountancy Seniors’ Ball!

Just to make this post a bit interesting, I’m revealing who my latest eyecandy is at the bottom of this post. But don’t go there yet, as you won’t see the pic unless you read the entire post. Chos! HAHA!

Graduating          students from the Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Management Accounting courses have joined forces partying to an all-night exclusive party as the Accountancy Division of the Ateneo de Davao University held its annual Seniors’ Ball, dubbed “Seniors’ Night Relive” last Sunday evening, March 18 at the Royal Mandaya Hotel.

I first went to Coiff It Up Salon Center to have my hair trimmed and arrived at the hotel at around 6:30pm (pretty late as the program was supposed to start at 6pm, but it didn’t start on time anyway. *wink*)

I arrived at The Summit Bar quite surprised as some girls, how would I say this.. were just too overdressed for the party with matching full heavy make up, which gave me the impression it was a prom night.  Kidding girl friends! LOL

So I was greeted with the photo booth c/o PhotoLab Mobile Images.

Anyway, how party rockin’ the event was? Let the pictures do the talking. 🙂

The JAGUARS performing before the Seniors.

Just a hint regarding the opening paragraph. Andito ung crush ko. HAHA!

With my very good friend since first year college. Celerina “Rhen” Alferez. Congrats Rhen for successfully changing your packaging to “virgin-virginan” and “conservative”  now. *wink*

Here, being molested by this giant hippo, Emman King. 🙂

Bunsoi in action. I think I was pointing to Pie here, one of the hosts. haha! With the gorgeous host, Carmela Olipas, at the back.

Naningkamot ang tanan magpa cute sa picture. HAHA!

Didn’t see this one coming. Two of our professors joined us in our table, Ms. Rhea Morales, CPA and Mr. Leopoldo Medina, CPA, MSA and the Accountancy Program Director of AdDU.

This was really awkward. Everyone’s forcing me to join paper dance game with my crush. Napugos ko kesa ingnan kog KJ. HAHA

Since my two other groups of friends weren’t able to join the ball, I was with my other group of friends here. hehe. It pays to have lots of groups of friends. hehe

During the game “The Boat is Sinking”. Had so much fun. First time kong ma experience pag-agawan na maka grupo. Parang pag-ibig.. pinag-aagawan. BET? haha!

With the very gorgeous Clarice Tiu, a finalist during the recent Mutya ng Dabaw 2012!

As part of the so-called tradition every year, graduates are to do the “final walk”. Here’s mine. 🙂

Singer of hits Rolling in the Deep and Someone Like You.. ADELE IN ACTION! 🙂 Kidding. She’s a friend, Tantan Jumamil.

I’m not really sure what I was doing here. 🙂

(L-R) April Blanco, Pawi Cartagena, Eustac Mangao, Magil Piastro and their friends.

(L-R) Alona Suzell Ruyeras, me, Nina and Tom Herrera

With my classmate way back first year college Nina Omega.

Angela Uytengsu and Nina Daelle Cariaga showed off what they got on the dance floor with the boys .. enjoying. 🙂

With my beautiful Advanced Accounting 1 and 2 Professor, Lenore Loqueloque, CPA, MBA who became a good friend of mine.

With my Statistics teacher way back 2nd year college, Mr. Jenner Chan who also became a good friend of mine.

With the teacher almost every female student admires, Mr. Jess Delgado.  HAHA!

 At MTS. After the party.

(L-R) me,  friend since elementary Delfa Alvar, Sel Aguirre and Nina Omega

WASTED. LOL With the incoming JAGUAR President, Kaiser Estrada.


Everyone had so much fun in the party. Klaro man siguro sa pictures diba?

Alter-ego: “Pat, puro gud pictures mo andyan. Wala masyado sa iba.”

Me: “Aw. Dawat-dawat. Blog ko to eh! :D”

There may have been issues in the past regarding the so-called division within our division, some of it may have been triggered by petty arguments that have evolved into big issues due to carelessness in storytelling. But what’s more important is that, we proved that the BSA and MA students can unite as one and party rock like there’s no tomorrow as one!

With the collective efforts and supreme talents of the students from both courses, no doubt …

the Accountancy Division is a force to reckon with! 🙂

Photo credits: James Patrick Abarca, Seleena Paola Aguirre, Michie Masiga and Andrea Cinco. 🙂

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