Meet my baby.. BUNSOI!

Oopps, it’s not what you think. 😛

I’d like you guys to meet my newest baby pet.. Bunsoi!

Isn’t my ‘baby’ sooooo adorable? iOS users! This one’s for you!

I’m currently being addicted to this new app from PlayBean Inc, My First Dog. But wait, this isn’t a paid post ok. I’m just so in love with this app and to my pet that’s why I’m showing Bunsoi to the rest of the world. For your information, Bunsoi is my nick name and I just assigned to this new pet of mine.

What I love about this game is that you get to own a pet, name it, play with it all day just like a real life pet, but without the responsibilities which real-life pets require. Haha!

Good news greeted me last November 23 when a push notification appeared saying my pet Bunsoi has grown! Yayy! 🙂

Reward I received when Bunsoi ranked up to level 9!

Here’s Bunsoi when he’s just 8 days old. Lovely, isn’t he!?

Play time! HAHA

Here’s Bunsoi while out on a walk in our village meeting another dog and the owner! Had so much fun. Chos murag real haha!

Sooo for Apple users out there, whether you’re using iPAD, iPAD Mini, iPod touch or the iPhone.. I swear, it’s a really fun and entertaining game! See you in the neighborhood! 🙂
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