Party rockin’ at the Accountancy Seniors’ Ball!

Just to make this post a bit interesting, I’m revealing who my latest eyecandy is at the bottom of this post. But don’t go there yet, as you won’t see the pic unless you read the entire post. Chos! HAHA!

Graduating          students from the Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Management Accounting courses have joined forces partying to an all-night exclusive party as the Accountancy Division of the Ateneo de Davao University held its annual Seniors’ Ball, dubbed “Seniors’ Night Relive” last Sunday evening, March 18 at the Royal Mandaya Hotel.

I first went to Coiff It Up Salon Center to have my hair trimmed and arrived at the hotel at around 6:30pm (pretty late as the program was supposed to start at 6pm, but it didn’t start on time anyway. *wink*)

I arrived at The Summit Bar quite surprised as some girls, how would I say this.. were just too overdressed for the party with matching full heavy make up, which gave me the impression it was a prom night.  Kidding girl friends! LOL

So I was greeted with the photo booth c/o PhotoLab Mobile Images.

Anyway, how party rockin’ the event was? Let the pictures do the talking. 🙂
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Journalist of the Year | JPIA Fair Value Awards

Yeah. You guessed it right. This is another late post. LOL

My year 2012 started right when I was informed I got two nominations for the very first Fair Value Awards conducted by the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants – Ateneo de Davao University Local Chapter.

The JPIA Fair Value Awards 2012 was held on January 21, 2012 at the Mini-Auditorium of Ateneo de Davao University. It is the very first award-giving body to recognize outstanding accountancy students in various aspects– be it in media, academics and even.. fashion.

It started in classroom surveys conducted by representatives of the JPIA – ADDU local chapter. Couple of days later, an official list of nominees was released via Facebook. And I was surprised I was nominated for two categories: Journalist of the Year and Male Athlete of the Year! Each category has five nominees from 2nd year to 4th year levels.

Criteria? 20 percent based on online voting thru an online form (malamang! 😀 ) The other 80 percent is based on the screening committee’s evaluation. A week after, they showed partial results of the online voting.

The program opened with a bang, and the giving of the awards started with a bang too with Journalist of the Year award first given! LOL Halata sa picture noh? LOL Kidding. Picture ito nung hindi pa nag start ang program. Lisud sad!

And the Journalist of the Year is …. *drum roll please*

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The ABS-CBN newscasting contest experience and 100 Facebook likes!

Yoowww! It’s been long  (really really long at that! ) since the last time I updated this blog. Forgive me, I was just too busy these past few weeks. Since I don’t have even a single post for the month of January, I will be posting a few late articles today and in the coming days just so you guys would know what I’ve been doing these past few weeks.

I understand that the two subjects in my title are too vague to be connected with each other, but lemme explain later.

Anyway, aside from being a writer, it has always been a dream of mine to become a broadcaster or even just a field reporter. Ever since ABS-CBN started its annual Inter-school newscasting competition, I’ve always imagined it being my stepping stone to achieving my dream, much to my dismay, I always end up uninformed about the details of the competition. But last year was different. At last, I signed the audition sheet and gave a heads-up to the Humanities Representative Nadia Shami and tried my luck.

I entered the audition room, packed with people with the same enthusiasm. When my name was called, I stepped in front, facing an iMac which served as our idiot board, and a bright yellow light (I’m not sure what it’s technically called) straight to my face. The very exact thing you see on behind-the-scene videos of talk shows on the television. So I thought “This is it na talaga!” Continue Reading

Patrik the blogger can host bitches!

It is with great pride and honor that I was chosen to do the hosting stint for the CPA Convocation program for Ateneo de Davao passers in the recent October 2011 CPA licensure exam. The Convocation program was held last October 13 at the Finster Hall.

I first received a text message from the JPIA president last sembreak asking me to host the event. I was really hesitant to accept it since I was informed that this is an Oscars-inspired program and that the event is strictly formal. I was hesitant in the sense that I know my English communication skills are not, in any way, at par with the skills that a first-rate host should possess.

But duh, since I don’t have a choice, I accepted it.

It’s a really memorable night especially in the opening part that I was so nervous my right hand holding the script was shaking. And I was like, WTF. But anyway, it happened only for a split second but as expected, it caught the attention of the people seated in front. LOL. It was slightly awkward, good thing I kept my cool and proceeded with my next lines. And that did all the magic, Continue Reading