Ano ba talaga ang maya?

Oh diba, I have a very interesting title? HAHA Well, I thought of posting this because of two reasons.

1. It’s definitely one of the most-talked about topics in school. When I was in the cafeteria in school, I noticed a “keks” who just passed by. A girl behind me told her friend: “Hala, siyet keks oh.” But the friend answered her with a snappy “Sus oi, maya man na.”  as if it is something to be ashamed of.

2. I think it’s best for me to write something about it since it has been an interesting issue among teenagers nowadays to “hunt/look for mayas” or to “prove whether a guy is maya or not”.

People often ask me this question:

Pat, ano ang maya?

I remember a friend told me: “Pat, sabi ng friend ko ba maya daw boyfriend ko. Di ko gets. Sabi niya ang maya daw is someone na magpatol sa both babae and lalaki pero hindi pa niya tanggap na bading siya.” Then she continued, “Pat ano ba talaga ang maya?” Judging the way she uttered the question, I can feel both the enthusiasm to know the answer, but at the same time, fear — fear that the qualities of his boyfriend might suit my definition. 🙂

Honestly, I pity those who got the wrong concept of what a maya is. I mean, it’s not that I’m tolerating people putting labels on the sexuality of others, coz I’m actually not for it. I do not condone mocking people with this term for fun. C’mon, I’m not straight and we’re of the same feather! LOL. And mind you, I have lotttss of maya friends. Anyway, this is for discussion purposes only. hehe

Now, why do I think I’ve got the most accurate answer?

Simple, it’s because I am banking on the idea that IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE. You guys know perfectly well that I’m not straight and mayas aren’t straight either. Now if you don’t believe in that line, you better leave this post as you won’t believe whatever I’m going to say anyway.

To those interested, you might ask: So Pat, tell me.. What really is a maya?

Thanks to Vim Malicay for editing the photo.

So my definition is this:

A maya is one who is gay or not straight but is straight acting and discreet, regardless whether he accepts it or not. (LAROYA, 2011) 😛

Yes, these are the characteristics I would associate to a maya.

1. He is for sure, gay ( not straight, as I would better put it :p).

2. He is straight acting and discreet.

How do I know one is maya? I just know. HAHA. Of course, I have gay radar (gaydar). And believe me when I say, LUKSO NG DUGO. Yes, as corny as it may sound, pero really: na fi-feel lang talaga namin yan. I’m pretty sure fellow not-straights will agree with me here.

But let me emphasize this: THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING A MAYA.

So I think it is just but proper for me to negate what others are saying like mayas are those who go for both sexes. My take on this is that, it can be, but it is not absolute.

I hope you guys understand that they gay world is a very complex reality, very very complex at that. We have homosexuals, bisexuals, transgender, etc. The definition of each term sometimes confuses the people who are not adept with sexual preferences and orientations. I’ll discuss this in another post. 😛

So who will you ask for advice if your boyfriend/ friend is maya? Here’s my ranking according to degree of reliability. LOL (1 as the highest, 3 as the lowest)

1. The not straights – again if you believe in the saying, it takes one to know one. Therefore, it takes one not straight to know another not straight hehe.

2. Girls who have lots of gay friends – chances are they have already imbibed the “gaydar” thing. Trust me, most of my girl friends now can identify who the straights and who the not-straights are.

3. Mga Bugoy – Well, I noticed some of my straight guy friends can actually “smell” someone who does not belong from their “lot”. But sometimes, they can get too sensitive that they don’t realize they’re just too insecure with the guy. 😛


This is not to offend my girl friends. But based from experience, several of my straight girl friends have always failed to spot the authentic mayas out there. Chances are, you girls might end up arguing whether one is maya or not regardless of the “signs”. Promise.


1. For guys or gays:

  • If you’re handsome: Stare at them. If they stare back at you.. then, you just spotted one! 🙂
  • If you’re NOT handsome: Don’t stare at them, they wouldn’t mind. *evil* haha The better thing to do is,scan their Facebook profile. Check out your Mutual Friends. If you have lots of common friends who are not straights or mayas, then shoot. He is one.

2. For girls:

  • This one’s a bit crazy. Flirt. Then look at them straight to their eyes, if he doesn’t care, he is. Of course, why would he mind staring back at a girl? 😛
Tell me what you think about this whole concept of maya. I would love to read what you guys, girls and even mayas have to say.


I’d like to make that as my next post. KEEP TABS! 😛

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Jan - Patrik

Patrik is a 25 year old Certified Public Accountant working as an external auditor at a top audit firm in Makati, Philippines. He loves solo traveling, volleyball, Harry Potter and of course, blogging.


  1. the term maya came from mariang bungol…

    ask the oldies (40s or 50s) – what mariang bungol is…and it would actually fit your description of mayas…

    people in their 30s picked this up and they shortened mariang bungol to may…then it became maya…

    the new gen call maya as may-o, mayette, mayabells…tita or ate mayet

  2. Samokang comment ni Ren uie… Luoy jud ang maot na dili makaflirt ke. forever alone ang drama… Hahahaha! Pat nahan jud ko sa article maka GAGA! hahaha!

    • HAHA. Lagi, samok kaayo maka comment, mura man pug gwapa. LOL. Mean kaayo mo. *mabait alter-ago* hehe Glad you liked this post. Thanks koi! 🙂

  3. Dwuaa!! Lami kaau na article pat! Murag cosmo kay naay mga advices nimo!! Luoya sa maot nga dili mkaflirt kay perting maota nila 😀 lol.. Ganahan ko atong girls with gay friends :)))) ahh basta thumbs and elbows up for this ass kickin blog 🙂

  4. Very witty and timely post since dumadami na mga MAYA sa world! Nice one, Pat! I’ll look forward to other gay-related posts 🙂

  5. Nakatawa ko sa font sa imong ANO BA TALAGA ANG MAYA sa imong EDITED PIC. Murag dramatic kaayo ang pagkasulat sa MAYA. LOL

  6. Nice one pat. Very entertaining. Though, because it’s so good a story, you need to add more vital infos regarding your subject. :))

    • Haha thanks Dward! I know. Actually the last part nga, I thought of putting it in another blog post kasi I the topic is quite broad. It should have served its purpose better if I made it as another stand alone blog post. Hmm. Thanks btw! 🙂

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